Call Lilleys Landing
Lilleys Landing

Here are some short videos of trips from the summer and fall of 2012

Landing a very nice rainbow.

Releasing rainbow.

August, 2012 – took the girls out for a morning fishing excursion and they caught trout!  For Lisa (office manager), it was her first time with a fly rod and she caught 4 rainbows.  Megan doesn’t get out much but is a natural and caught 6 rainbows.  “It can’t be this easy?!”

First trout on a fly rod for Ryan and Laura Chapman. It’s not really that hard!!

Bill Babler, guide, on a trip last winter below the dam

Drift fishing with bait – Gulp Eggs

Jig Fishing on Lake Taneycomo

Steve Dickey’s Slip Fly

Fly Casting Dry Flies on the Upper Lake

April Fishing Videos on Lake Taneycomo

Nice brown trout caught here !

I thought I’d show the safe and proper way to pull your boat into a boat stall with water running (current). Very easy. The one thing that we see that’s dangerous is a second person STANDING UP in the front of the boat, meaning to catch the dock post and help guide the boat into the stall only to bolt into the water when the boat’s side hits the dock before he can get his hand on the supports. We’ve seen this happen quite a few times and see alot of near misses.

11/22/09 Scuds, or freshwater shrimp, are one of the foods trout eat here on Lake Taneycomo. This video shows the bugs in a small gravel area.

11/20/09 Scott Sandusky and friends weigh in his new Missouri State Record brown trout at MDC Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery. Weighing 28.8 pounds, his fish bested the old record by a little more than a pound.

10/20/09 Tried to shoot a video of my run to the dam today. Trees are absolutely beautiful on the bluff heading uplake…. to bad the sun wasn’t out. Turn the sound down cause all you hear is the wind.

10/13/09 After heavy rains last week, the Corp was forced to release water from Table Rock Lake over the flood gates on Table Rock Dam Saturday. Today, Tuesday, they continue to run at 20,000 cfs which is less than half of what they released in April of 2008 during record releases. This is still a lot of water though.

Here are a couple of videos, one of the flood gates and one of a short discussion between me and Bill Babler about fishing today on the lake. One more of the fall colors and the speed of the present current.

Here’s an underwater video of a big brown trout, along with smaller trout, taken just beneath a hatchery outlet. You’ll see one brown swipe his tail, kicking up some gravel (you’ll hear it) and then the largest brown

comes toward the camera and then to the left side. It would go between 30-35 pounds.

9/28/09 Got out this afternoon for a couple of hours. 4-6 pm. Less than one units running, kinda windy. I love this water for drifting flies on the flats from Andy’s House to the flats… and that’s what I did.

I positioned the boat right up against the shallow bank and casted out. Only fishing 2-2.5 feet of water, set the float at 5 feet and used a tiny split and a PINK San Juan. They loved it. Caught about 10 rainbows on 2 drifts. They liked the sun- didn’t do as well in the shade and that time of day I had both on the drift down. Nice rainbows too… turned one real nice one.

9/24/09 John Sappington, a local guide, caught and released this rainbow in outlet #1 this morning about 10:30 am. I was drifting by and saw him hook and landed it (took about 45 seconds to land) so I pulled to the bank and went up to see and take a pic.

8/23/09 Took my nieces out for a 60 minute fishing tour. Just up from Short Creek, anchored- the trout were biting. I had a hard time keeping up with the girls. They each caught 4 rainbows- floating night crawlers off the bottom. Recorded on Flip Video.

8/20/09 I took a couple of our kids fishing yesterday. We drifted night crawlers from Fall Creek down pass Trout Hollow and they did good! It was their first time trout fishing. They both limited out on trout, catching 7 rainbows and one brown (released). this was Jess’s first brown trout, about 17 inches long. Put up a great fight.