Good News


Branson isn't flooded!  We've been getting calls from people asking if we're still in business... if we're under water.  Nope, it's all "Fake News".  It's funny, that wasn't a known term until this last election cycle.

Yes, our lakes are still very high but they are doing just what they're designed to do, manage water.  Right now, the dams are keeping an access of rainfall off areas that are flooded or have higher than normal river levels, namely the lower White and Arkansas Rivers and the Mississippi River.  Bull Shoals, along with Table Rock and Beaver Lakes, are being held until those areas can take the water.

Lake Taneycomo is in a different location and situation because it's a pass-through lake between Table Rock and Bull Shoals.  All the water in both Table Rock and Beaver has to pass through us to get to, eventually the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico.  Right now, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the managers of the lakes) is having to move water to the tune of 20,000 cubic feet per second (c.f.s.) through Taneycomo, which is about 6,500 more than if they were running 4 turbines.  Part of this water is coming over the spill gates and part through the turbines.  This will continue until Table Rock Lake's level is down to a certain level, established by the Corps.

Present Lake Levels:

  • Beaver Lake - 1129.25 feet  (top of flood pool 1130.  Top of power pool - 1121.43)  Lake is holding.
  • Table Rock Lake - 928.20 feet  (top of flood pool 930.  Top of power pool - 917)  Lake dropping about 5 inches per day.
  • Lake Taneycomo - 712.36 feet  (Power pool - 701.3)  Lake is holding.
  • Bull Shoals - 692.68 feet (top of flood pool 695.  Top of power pool - 662)  Lake is holding.
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