C.A.M. Benefit Trout Tournament March 26

Lilleys' Landing will host a benefit tournament for Christian Action Ministries on Saturday, March 26 (date has changed), here on Lake Taneycomo. Christian Action Ministries, C.A.M., is a local food bank providing food for families who are in need, also acting as a referral agency to direct clients to other organizations helping with job training, counseling and financial support. In 2015, 625,000 pounds of food was provided through the ministry, serving more than 1,500 families each month on average. 

"This distribution process is made possible by companies in the food and grocery industry and individuals who regularly donate surplus, distressed, and damaged food and grocery items to us so we may help those Taney county families who need it most," the C.A.M. website states.



  • Time:  Start 8 a.m. and check in at 4 p.m.
  • Lilleys' Landing will provide fish rulers to be returned after the contest.  We will also provide a small notepad and pen to record each measurement for each individual.
  • EACH TROUT caught will be scored.  Note:  All trout regardless of species or legality.  In another words, brown trout less than 20 inches will be scored, as well as rainbow trout caught in the trophy area that measure between 12 and 20 inches.
  • All trout MUST be released.
  • Scoring is by measuring each trout caught by placing the fish in the measuring tray with the nose against the head of the rule.  You may pinch and/or swing the tail.
  • Length will be scored up to the half-inch.  For example, if a trout is 14-1/8th inch, it's scored at 14.5 inches.  
  • Each measurement will be written down in the notepad provided along with the time the fish was caught with the initial R for rainbow or B for brown trout.
  • At "weigh-in," notepads will be turned in for tally.  All measurements will be added up by the tournament director, and a total length will be the angler's final score.
  • Ties will be broken by the longest fish, second longest and so on.  
  • Tournament fee is $25 per person.  
  • Cash and prizes will be given to the top three finishers.  All proceeds from entries will go to C.A.M..

Other rules-

  • All contestants will fish from a boat OR from Lilleys' Landing's dock.  No wading will be allowed.  
  • There is no limit to how many anglers can fish out of a boat since it is an individual contest, and each angler will measure and score his or her own trout.  Each boat will have one measurement ruler.
  • This is an artificial-only fishing tournament, meaning no live bait or scented or soft plastic baits will be allowed.  This prohibition would include Powerbait or corn.
  • No chumming will be allowed.
  • All Missouri Department of Conservation rules apply.

Call and register today.  Our office number is 1-800-284-2196 or 417-334-6380.  Registrations will be taken until 8 a.m. on March 26th, the day of the contest.

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