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As Table Rock nears the magic lake level of 918 feet, we all wait with baited breath to see if the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers is going to change its generation patterns.  Will they start running less water?  Shutting it off at night?  We will see very soon.


August 6 ~~ Generation has remained about the same for the last several weeks. If nothing else, it's increased in volume. Table Rock continues to drop slowly and steadily--it's now dropped almost to 924 feet. Beaver Lake is still hovering around 1129 feet and Bull Shoals has dropped only a foot the past week to 689 feet. Reminder: Bull Shoals need to drop below 680 feet before they can work on Powersite Dam.

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It's been a while since my last written fishing report, mainly because water conditions and fishing hasn't changed that much in the last few weeks. If anything, catching has become tougher for most people. The best dock fishing and wade fishing below the dam has been narrowed down to late night and early morning -- and I mean 11 p.m. until 5 a.m.. That's when the water has been shut down, at least during...


The Midwest has had it's share of rain and much more. It's been interesting here in the Ozarks the last couple of days because of this. The storms have been isolated small pods of heavy rain, not the big storms that sit on the whole White River Shed from a few weeks ago. This has caused some local flooding (you may have seen clips on national TV) but we are fine and so is the lake.

Dickey Trio - June

We've had a pretty wild summer!  Flood gates, warm, fast water and lots of great fishing -- IF you can get out in a boat and drift.  That's the only problem with a tailwater fishery... you're at the mercy of generation and rain runoff.


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