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With little change in weather patterns, rainfall throughout the month of July, generation patterns on Taneycomo have been fairly consistent.  Most days dam operators are running a half unit, 25-35 megawatts of power, at night through the morning, then kicking on any where from 100 to 150 megawatts, or up to two full units, from mid-afternoon until sunset.  There have been a few days when they've...


It's the last day of June . . . my how the weeks of summer fly by. I remember as a kid that summer breaks just didn't seem to last but a week or two, and then it was back to school. I think it's still the same.

Generation here has been pretty consistent with no generation except for three to five hours late in the afternoon and into the evening. Dam operators are running up to four units, building to...

Taneycomo Rainbow

Summer has settled in here on Lake Taneycomo; as evidence I offer the temperature today -- 98 degrees. After a mild winter and spring, we shouldn't complain very much, right? We knew this was coming. Good thing our lake water is cold -- I'd hate to be on a warm water lake fishing in this heat!

marsha 530

Our generation pattern has been unpredictable this last week, mainly because of the increasing rain the area has received. Even though Northwest Arkansas has had a lot of rain, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been dumping Beaver Lake -- now to a full foot lower. Table Rock has held at 917 feet because of the release into Taneycomo. Thankfully, our forecast shows an end of precipitation today for at least eight...


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