Fishing Report


After more than days of flood gates, our tailwater here on Lake Taneycomo is somewhat back to normal. This has been a rare event, having to substitute flood gates for turbines but one that makes you think, "What if?" Having 57-degree water run through the system, we see the effects it has on a fishery.


Since this article was written, the dam at Beaver Lake has been shut down.  Now Table Rock Lake is dropping about five inches per day and will continue to drop until  its level reaches 917 feet  -- then the flood gates will be shut at the dam.  Two units will continue to run at...

23-inch rainbow 530

Lots of reports this week . . . lots of water and good trout caught. After big rains in the upper White River Basin, the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers opened flood gates at Beaver and Table Rock dams. Beaver Lake's level is inching back up to 1129 feet even with big releases and Table Rock's level remains close to 918 feet. Table Rock is releasing the equivalent of four units plus a little with...

6.70 taneycomo rainbow 8 530

Generation has been interesting this week. And for that reason, I have delayed writing my report because as soon as I get one written, the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers turns on eight flood gates and everything changes. So I'm going to try to get it all in before the next change.


There's been very little generation on Lake Taneycomo for three full days now. This does one thing to at least the upper lake here -- it warms up the water.  Daytime temperatures have been in the upper 60's to upper 70's and sunny, so the surface water temperature here at our dock is now is 56.6 degrees, up from 43 when the water runs.


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