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January Newsletter Brown

We are a couple of weeks beyond the winter flood, and all of us are breathing a little easier.  The U.S. Corps of Army Engineers has been releasing 20,000 cubic feet per second since early January, moving all this flood water through our lake system.  The word is that operators will continue this flow until Table Rock Lake is down to 920 feet, which may happen as early as...

The new year came in with a bang this year, not the bang of fireworks or of a big winter snow storm.  No, we've had unseasonably warm weather all winter so far --  but a little rainy.  Just a little bit.  We're talking 10 inches of rain in less than two days.  Flood rain.


It's been an interesting 30 days here on our tailwater. News of the trouble on Lake Taneycomo  in November reached most local...


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