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20,000 cfs running again today.  More boats braved the swift water and had some fun up below the dam.  White anything just as long as you get it to the bottom.  A couple of guests said the double 1/8th ounce jig trick worked for them.

I drifted night crawlers and minnows from the resort down to the Landing this afternoon and found a few of hot spots.  The first was at Taneycomo Acres boat ramp area, the next was down at Monkey Island, caught a nice rainbow at the railroad bridge and the best stretch was starting at Scotty's dock and drifting to the bridge on the Branson side.  No...

One Cast is a video shot every day to accomplish a couple of things.  One is to try to catch a trout.  The other is to provide lake and fishing conditions for our listeners.




Generation has picked up this week, but with still no predictable pattern.  There was not much water over the weekend; then Monday saw generation all day.  Tuesday morning and late evening brought generation, but Wednesday we...

23-inch rainbow 530

Our areas has seen little rainfall since last summer and the White River Chain of Lakes had all dropped to low levels.  But we had good amounts of rain here in the last 10 days and lake levels have risen an average of about 2.5 feet.

Beaver Lake is approaching 1115 feet, up 3 feet, Table Rock is at 910 feet, up 3 feet and Bull Shoals is up almost 2 feet to 953.5 feet.  But all lakes are...

Here's a video fishing report.  It's long but full of information on what's been happening here on Lake Taneycomo.


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