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We have seen 15,000 cubic feet per second water release since last Friday evening after a more-than-expected rain event last week.  The Beaver Lake area received the most rain, up to 6 inches, while our area averaged 2.5 inches.  The forecast called for about an inch of rain.  Beaver Lake's level was already high so this rain put it up close to their flood pool which is 1130 feet.  A combination of spill gates and turbine release kept the level in check while at Table Rock Dam, water released increased to move water through the system.

Generation patterns have remained constant here on Lake Taneycomo for the last week.  Operators have run about 8,000 cubic feet per second of water for a couple of hours in the morning (two units) then dropped back to 3,000 to 5,000 c.f.s. for the rest of the day.

Well, we've been through another rain event which, at least for us here on Taneycomo, has ran its course.  Table Rock is back to power pool, and the powers who have run water through Table Rock Dam have cut back flows to a minimum (as of today).  Beaver Lake, on the other hand, remains very high and show no sign of being dropped any time soon.  One good rain puts more water on us, but the 7-day forecast calls for less than 1.5 inches over...

We haven't seen any shad coming over the top so far, and the trout are hardly biting on white at all.  Very, very strange indeed.  There is no doubt some small forage fish are coming over the top, including threadfin, but not many or we'd see something.  We are catching a few bass but not like in past years.

More gates open should help our trout fishing, if not now, at least when the flow slows down and the fish are...


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