Fishing Report

January 6

Generation has varied some everyday this week but with mild temperatures this weekend, it looks like they're going to run it all day at least Saturday and Sunday.  Not very hard though which should make any type of fishing pretty good. 

December 27

This should be my last fishing report of 2013 unless I somehow have an awesome day of fishing tomorrow or Tuesday! That could happen I guess. But this year's fishing here on Taneycomo has been a good one. No floods --  always a good thing....

December 9 Ice in Guides

Merry Christmas, on this crisp morning.  The water is running and there's a slight misty fog rolling down the lake this morning.  Not a boat has passed our dock this sunny morning, but there's trout being caught off the fishing pier as I type....

December 9 Taneycomo Rainbow 1

Winter has made quite an entrance in Branson, adding to the festive Christmas decor.  I don't know what the official snowfall count is in town, but here at Lilleys' Landing it measured more than nine inches before settling down a bit.  It was a...

November 26e

Cold weather has come to the Ozarks just like most of the Midwest.  Do fish like the cold?  Yes they do!  Not just trout but warm water species like colder water temperatures, too.  The change triggers a big feeding binge before hard winter sets in, just as a bear gorges  before he hibernates for the winter.  Taneycomo trout like colder water temperatures simply because they cause Table Rock...


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