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April Shon

Trout fishing has toughened up the last few days. Fairly heavy generation has made both getting to the fish and getting them to bite a challenge, most of the time. But there are a few places and times each day where the trout bite like crazy. That's what keeps all of us coming back -- even if the last week, those places and times were far and few between.

March 29 brown 530

Generation patterns right now are all but impossible to predict, except for the fact that Table Rock is on the rise again after a good rain Friday night. My guess is the the Corp will try to keep lake levels down close to power pool. That means we'll probably see more generation from Table Rock Dam for at least a week, I'd say.


Generation here on Lake Taneycomo has been hard to pattern, just like the weather. The U.S. Corps of Army Engineers will run water all day at one or two units for a few days in a row and then change to no water, or heavy flow in the morning and none in the afternoon. It's beyond guess work, even for us veterans. If you're planning on a fishing trip coming up, plan for it all!...

It's March! And it's still cold and snowy!! The bass are still dormant, but the trout are liking it, and the ones up close to the dam have even been enjoying a little shad action, starting yesterday morning. I've been saying that if the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers would only run water fairly hard, that would suck a bunch of shad through the turbines into our lake. The Corps did run three units (yesterday and today), and it did pull a good number through as...


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