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Dennis Taneycomo fishing report

Taneycomo Feb 19 Rainbow

Milder weather has brought the anglers out to play. And there's lots of trout in the lake to play with! The lack of fishing pressure this winter has created a glut of fish, it seems. Unfortunately, a good number of them are on the small side.

We've encountered a snow day, then a nice sunny day, then another snow day -- a pattern that snow boarders and skiers would love. As for fishermen, we would like it if we could get ourselves to the lake or stream! Some of would like it if they could just get out of the driveway!

Still having fun with the new cameras . . .

This deep freeze keeps hanging on.  We endured single digits again Thursday night but it is warming as we head into the weekend.  Today's 40 degrees felt like the tropics.  And the winds were civil.  And, the trout bit!  No generation this afternoon....

We've been on a wild roller coaster ride in weather temperatures, and the wind is giving us fits, but winter trout fishing has remained pretty good the last couple of weeks. The water temperature has dropped to 45 degrees. Compared to Table Rock that's pretty balmy -- it's in the mid 30's on some parts of that lake.


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