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May 17 Curt Rainbow

May 9 report

Table Rock and Beaver Lake levels have dropped to where the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers has backed off on running water through the dams. Late last week, the turbines were shut down at Table Rock Dam, and we had no generation during the day for the first time in weeks and weeks. Since then, we've seen no generation almost every day, except today. Today they've been running anywhere from a half to a full unit...

Ed Spence

It's been a while since my last fishing report, but very little has changed since April 6. Generation has stayed steady -- the U.S. Army Corps of Army Engineers is releasing about 7,000 cubic feet per second of water (or two units) consistently for the past month, day and night. There's been small variations but for the most part, it's been very consistent....

April Shon

Trout fishing has toughened up the last few days. Fairly heavy generation has made both getting to the fish and getting them to bite a challenge, most of the time. But there are a few places and times each day where the trout bite like crazy. That's what keeps all of us coming back -- even if the last week, those places and times were far and few between.

March 29 brown 530

Generation patterns right now are all but impossible to predict, except for the fact that Table Rock is on the rise again after a good rain Friday night. My guess is the the Corp will try to keep lake levels down close to power pool. That means we'll probably see more generation from Table Rock Dam for at least a week, I'd say.


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