Fishing Report

underwater rainbow

Generation on Lake Taneycomo is less than it was a week ago. Right now water is running only in the evenings for a short time, with a few exceptions. The water temperature remains at 49 degrees.

Autumn 1

Generation on Lake Taneycomo still hasn't changed much. If anything, a little less water is running in the afternoons with less volume. The water temperature is the same -- 48-49 degrees coming through the turbines, and oxygen seems to be staying at high levels -- all good for trout fishing.

9-29 b530

Nice rainbow caught on a white jig this week on Lake Taneycomo.

Generation patterns have remained the same for well over a month here on Lake Taneycomo, even though typically this time of year a restriction is usually put on the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers as how much water can be run through Table Rock Dam. The water has been off most mornings, coming on about 1 p.m., building to four units by 4 p.m. and gradually...

Sept 11 - 1

Although we've had a big change in our air temperature this week, generation patterns on Lake Taneycomo are close to the same, so far. Today's temperature shouldn't climb much over 70 degrees, and dam operators are scheduled to run 25 megawatts until about 2 p.m., increasing to up to 125 mw for a couple of hours. This has been the pattern the last couple of weeks -- either water off or running 25 mw until early...

dickey fog fish pic

I am conflicted. I usually start out my fishing report talking about generation patterns and how they've been affecting our trout fishing here on Lake Taneycomo, but tomorrow we're in for a big weather change. Cooler temperatures are in the foreseeable future and that's going to change how the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers is running water on our lake. So, only thing I can do today is guess!...