Fishing Report


Generation on Lake Taneycomo has varied widely the last week or so -- all tied to the air temperature.  When thermometer dips below freezing and the heaters kick on, dam operators run water to produce that needed electricity.  When it warms up, as it will in the next few days, generation will slow and we'll see no current most of the day.  That's my...


With the turning over of Table Rock Lake, we're looking forward to some fantastic winter fishing.  It is, though, starting out pretty slow.

The turnover gave us much needed, oxygen rich water last week.  This is a seasonal occurence.  For a quick explanation: water in Table Rock Lake stratifies during the spring, summer and fall, dividing in to layers as to temperature, density and dissolved oxygen. ...

March 12 a 530

There has not been much change in regards to generation patterns lately.  The dam has been running a little water each day, but it's anyone's guess what time that water will run.  The lake level has reached up to 705 feet, one unit, once or maybe twice a day, in the morning and/or in the evening and running for less than an hour each time.  We call this "fish water."