Fishing Report

March 12 a 530

There has not been much change in regards to generation patterns lately.  The dam has been running a little water each day, but it's anyone's guess what time that water will run.  The lake level has reached up to 705 feet, one unit, once or maybe twice a day, in the morning and/or in the evening and running for less than an hour each time.  We call this "fish water."


Just a quick semi-short fishing report for Lake Taneycomo.  They'...

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Cooler weather has brought less generation to Taneycomo.  The water has been running for an hour or two in the...


Generation has been fairly consistent for the last six days.  Table Rock Dam has been running water 24 hours a day at about 2,200 cubic feet per second at a lake level of 704 feet, generating 40-50 megawatts of power from midnight until noon to 2 p.m., then building it up to three units (not full), almost 6,000 to 8,500 cfs at a lake level of 708 feet.  But it goes back down to 704 feet by 8-10 p.m.