Fishing Report


The Midwest has had it's share of rain and much more. It's been interesting here in the Ozarks the last couple of days because of this. The storms have been isolated small pods of heavy rain, not the big storms that sit on the whole White River Shed from a few weeks ago. This has caused some local flooding (you may have seen clips on national TV) but we are fine and so is the lake.

Dickey Trio - June

We've had a pretty wild summer!  Flood gates, warm, fast water and lots of great fishing -- IF you can get out in a boat and drift.  That's the only problem with a tailwater fishery... you're at the mercy of generation and rain runoff.

Crew 530

Was out last evening trying a couple of things.  Didn't get out earlier enough to all I wanted to.

Here's a video showing what I did.  Featured is how I rig when drifting flies, namely scuds.


After more than days of flood gates, our tailwater here on Lake Taneycomo is somewhat back to normal. This has been a rare event, having to substitute flood gates for turbines but one that makes you think, "What if?" Having 57-degree water run through the system, we see the effects it has on a fishery.


Since this article was written, the dam at Beaver Lake has been shut down.  Now Table Rock Lake is dropping about five inches per day and will continue to drop until  its level reaches 917 feet  -- then the flood gates will be shut at the dam.  Two units will continue to run at...


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