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Taneycomo rainbow

It's getting a little difficult to predict what water generation patterns on Lake Taneycomo will be. As this chart below indicates, the Southwest Power Administration ran water continuously through the weekend, then went back to running a little in the morning and then in the evening. Personally, I like this pattern, but I also like when dam operators switch it up and run at least a half unit all...

Taneycomo Jan 15

Trout fishing for rainbows on Lake Taneycomo has been pretty close to "excellent" the last couple of weeks and I don't use the word excellent very often to describe fishing. I was once told to say fishing was excellent would be say everyone is catching fish. That's pretty much what it is right now. And the quality of rainbows is the best many anglers have seen it in many years.

jp fishing

Another year has passed.   Hundreds of thousands of trout have been stocked into Lake Taneycomo, and hundreds of thousands have bent the...


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