I just checked the weather forecast for the next 10 days, and I see some 40-degree nights and not many 80 degree days. If you notice the trees in my opening image, you'll see a little color in those trees on the bluff. It all indicates a change of seasons is just around the corner!

We've had very little rain now in several weeks. Lake levels have dropped and the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers has seen fit not to run as much water from Table Rock Lake the last week. There usually has been no generation all day until about 3 p.m., then one unit or less until about dark. This lends to good fishing -- or tough fishing -- depending on when you're out.

The best fishing has been early and late in the day, and at night. Later in the morning throughout the day, we've had high sun, blue skies and very little wind, producing the toughest fishing conditions you can have...

Steve Dickey has been fishing since he could walk -- or even toddle -- and is living his dream life guiding on Branson area lakes.

“I am a water dog,” he said this week. “I have to be on the water.  I just don’t function indoors well.”


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