We're back to full generation after three days of steady rain last week.  Our upper lakes only rose about a foot each, but it was enough for the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers to spring into action.   Officials are keeping to the schedule to lower lakes down to power pool before the next rains arrive.

The last time they ran four units our trout seemed to lapse into a coma.  But this time it's not as bad.  Anglers are still catching trout drifting bait and lures on the bottom.  I wouldn't call it good catching, but here on Lake Taneycomo we're pretty spoiled.  If we're not catching four...


Well autumn is finally arriving here --  at least we hope we all are done with summer high temperatures.  We've received good rains lately and everything is green again.  The trees are starting to show a little color on the bluffs, and the...


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