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Cooler weather has brought less generation to Taneycomo.  The water has been running for an hour or two in the...

Fall is in the air and winter is 'round the corner.  Hard to believe.  But it's time to be thinking about trout fishing and winter weekends on Lake Taneycomo.

Here are our links to our 2 public trout tournaments - the Masters in January and Elfrink in February.


Generation has been fairly consistent for the last six days.  Table Rock Dam has been running water 24 hours a day at about 2,200 cubic feet per second at a lake level of 704 feet, generating 40-50 megawatts of power from midnight until noon to 2 p.m., then building it up to three units (not full), almost 6,000 to 8,500 cfs at a lake level of 708 feet.  But it goes back down to 704 feet by 8-10 p.m.

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The brown trout run on Lake Taneycomo has been, well, suspect the last few years.  Seems like conditions have not lined up right each fall season for the big browns to move up.  But this year it seems like...


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